Johannes Eder





05:19 PM AF3 Phoenix Bug #3932 (Rejected): Component Architecture: Creating a channel to from an occupied input port
This behavior has been fixed in the past months. Channel creation works correctly.
05:03 PM Design Space Exploration Bug #4021: Broken Routes from the bus minimization / the bus minimization objective does not reduce the number of routes over busses if the objective is defined for one bus
@Alex: Could you please rephrase the broken route problem? I did not really understand it :/
04:53 PM AF3 Phoenix Change Request #3474 (Rejected): Improve SMT scheduling constraint readability (code)
Rejected, as scheduling has been considerably adapted in the past years.
04:52 PM Design Space Exploration Feature #3694 (Feedback): Update and integrate the DseML text editor
@Alex: Is there a working implementation? I only know of the student I had a few years ago how did his bachelor thesi...
04:48 PM Design Space Exploration Change Request #3143 (Feedback): Z3-Route/Bus Optimization as exploration strategy / feature
@Alex: Is this issue still relevant. It is over 3 years old;)
04:07 PM Design Space Exploration Change Request #3666 (Feedback): Move the visualization translation code to the visualization backend
@Alex: Is this still relevant after the new DSE perspective is complete?
04:05 PM AF3 Phoenix Bug #4012 (Resolved): exception thrown when automatic layout in state automation UI
Please review;)
03:33 PM AF3 Phoenix Bug #4011 (Feedback): reaction field in the text display in operator panel not setting correctly
@Saad: Cannot reproduce. Works on my machine. Could you please re-check?
02:59 PM AF3 Phoenix Support #3674 (Feedback): [MacOS - investigate Z3 library loading by rpath
@Alex: Is this one still relevant?
02:45 PM AF3 Phoenix Change Request #4018 (In Progress): MarkerView to JavaFX (model error list)

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