This is the developers site of AutoFOCUS3 (AF3), a CASE tool for the model-based development of embedded systems. The main development is performed by the Model-based Systems Engineering competence field at fortiss.

Resources for Developers:

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  3. AF3 Developer Installation

About AutoFOCUS3

  • Integrated modeling of application software, platform and deployments
    • Advanced modeling of logical architectures (structure, interfaces, and behaviour)
    • Flexible modeling of the technical architecture (hardware platform, tasks, partitions)
  • Support for validation and verification
    • Deep integration of NuSMV and nuXmv model checkers
    • Automatic test case generation
    • Advanced simulation of behavior
  • Automated Design Space Exploration
    • Synthesis and optimization of deployments
  • Generation of efficient task and message schedules
    • Automated optimizations using SMT and MOEA solvers
  • Code generation
    • C
    • Java
  • Integration with existing tools
    • "MathWorks(R) Simulink(R)" models importer
    • FMI 2.0 co-simulation interface
    • Amalthea: importer

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