Version control + AF3 Models

This page describes how to setup a current Eclipse Modeling Tools, extend it with
the AutoFOCUS 3 meta-models and use its GIT integration to allow for multi-user
support on AF3 models.

Note that this integration uses as much of existing technology as possible at the
cost of some user inconvenience (i.e. manual copying of files). However, users
with Unix-like systems and their symbolic links for directories can speed things
up a bit (see Tips and Tricks section).

At the time of writing the procedure was tested with the current Eclipse Mars.1
(service) release (version number 4.5.1) from September 2015.


We assume that the reader is familiar with Eclipse technology and Git
version control in general and possibly with EMF compare in particular.
You may want to have a look at the following tutorial for the latter:


  1. Get AutoFOCUS 3 from
  2. Get the Eclipse Modeling Tools for your platform from the Eclipse site
  3. Get Tooling Kernel update site in .zip format from our download area
  4. Get AutoFOCUS 3 update site in .zip format from our download area

Updating the Eclipse Installation

  1. Start Eclipse Mars Modeling Tools and select a workspace to work with.
  2. Use Help -> Install New Software ... to install the Nebula Grid Widget Feature from
  3. Install the Tooling Kernel Feature from the downloaded zip file (Use Add ... button
    to add the zip file as local update site).
  4. Install the AF3 Feature from the downloaded zip file the same way.
  5. Restart Eclipse to load the AF3 plugins and their registered meta-models.

Configuring Eclipse

  1. Open the Eclipse Preferences dialog.
  2. Navigate to General -> Content Types and select EMF Compare from the list to the right.
  3. Add the file association *.af3_23 to list of file associations.
  4. Now, EMF Compare is used instead of the text-based compare method.

Working with AF3 and EMF Compare

  1. Create a simple project and share it with the target Git repository or
    import some project from any existing repository or branch.
  2. Copy the AF3 project file from the Git working copy to the AF3 storage
    perspective; the model will be reloaded automatically.
  3. When finished working with AF3, copy the model file from the storage
    perspective to the Git working directory.
  4. Proceed with any Git repository commands you like.

Tipps and Tricks

  1. On Unix-like systems you can replace the AutoFOCUS 3 folder AF3-Project-Directory
    with a symbolic link to the Git working directory and save the time of copying the
    model file (only update the workspace from the Modeling Tools installation).