Phoenix 2.6 Scratch Paper

Major changes

Major improvements
  • Now Eclipse 4 Kepler based
  • Many GUI + usability improvements (multiple copy/paste and deletion, undo/redo in text fields, drag and drop, shortcuts)
  • Connection of MSC timing information with platform architecture
Requirements Engineering
  • Overview of traces in Analysis node
  • Create refinement specifications from trace links
  • Selection of elements for report generation
Design Space Exploration
  • Design Space Exploration as a first class entity of AF3 system design process, incl.
  • DSE Wizard for synthesis of technical architectures, deployments and schedules
  • (Experimental) version of MSC-based Scheduling in DSE process (requirements-based scheduling synthesis)
Known bug:
  • Report generation in Analysis node (#2094) does not export figures of formal specifications and MSCs; Workaround: generate report twice, close specifications manually after second report generation