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Feature #3009: [safety-maintenance] Safety Case Maintenance

[safety-maintenance] Maintenance reporting

Added by Carmen Carlan about 1 year ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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A user may download a pdf file containing the timestamped recordings of all modifications within a certain assurance case, by pressing the Export Maintenance Report from the context menu of an assurance case model. Furthermore, the report also contains recordings on the change impacts on any node, namely their time of appearance and time when they were solved. Such report may be used during the evaluation of the assurance case - the evaluators having the possibility to follow the entire process of creation and maintenance of the assurance case. This feature is realized by timestamping and recording all the changes an assurance case node undergoes (i.e., its creation, modifications of attributes or even deletion) in the maintenanceRecord string attribute of the container assurance case. Additionally, any a change that impacts a node, together with the time of its appearance and the time when it was solved, is also recorded in the maintenanceRecord attribute. When the Export Maintenance Report this string will be used to generate the pdf file.


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