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04:54 PM AF3 Phoenix Feature #4065 (New): Creating a No Migration Constraint - RISE
Build a No Migration Constraint.
Intuition: If the software component is not deployed on to the ECU, it cannot be de...


04:11 PM AF3 Phoenix Bug #4011: reaction field in the text display in operator panel not setting correctly
Johannes Eder wrote:
> @Saad: Cannot reproduce. Works on my machine. Could you please re-check?
Cannot reproduce ...


03:52 PM AF3 Phoenix Support #4006: Online help content review and update
feedback fixed. ready for review.


04:41 PM AF3 Phoenix Bug #4012 (Closed): exception thrown when automatic layout in state automation UI
to reproduce exception:
1. open the ACC example
2. go to component "AccelarationControl"
3. right click in the sta...
03:00 AM AF3 Phoenix Bug #4011 (Feedback): reaction field in the text display in operator panel not setting correctly
Unable to correctly set the "Guard" and "Item Input" columns in the text display when created in the component.
to r...


12:50 PM AF3 Phoenix Feature #3189: graphical perspective for process
currently not in the scope of 2.16
12:49 PM AF3 Phoenix Bug #1339: Shadowing rules are broken/unclear when data state variable has the same name as a port
unsure about it as the issue might not be relevant at present since it is 6 years old and the project might not even ...
11:25 AM AF3 Phoenix Bug #1708: ModelCheckerEquivalenceTest test[11] fails, but simulator is correct w.r.t. model semantics
Hernan is our Testing guy... not sure what to do with it hence reassigning it to hernan....
11:23 AM AF3 Phoenix Bug #1912: Property window disappears
can be resolved in 2.17..... like vincent said earlier it is more an eclipse issue hence moving back to backlog
11:21 AM AF3 Phoenix Bug #2928: [Constraint] constraint triggered when opening the component
can be resolved in 2.17

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