Kernel Plugins

This page briefly describes the plugins of the Tooling Kernel 2.0.
Please see Kernel Concepts for the detailed description of the kernel's services.
Plugins following the name pattern contain the user interface code for the plugin.


This plugin repackages the ConQAT commons library in order to avoid dependencies to the ConQAT update site (see
This plugin does not provide a meta-model.


This plugin repackages the ConQAT UI libraries, bezier line figures from GMF, and redistributable classes from Google GUI builder.


This plugin provides the non-UI related kernel services: persistency, compositors, transformations, prototypes, constraints.
The meta-model provides the core concepts of named and ID labeled elements and project root elements.


This plugin provides the UI related kernel services: navigator, element handling, editors, edit part factories, markers, context menus and actions.


This plugin provides the base implementation for hierarchical models and graphical description techniques.
The meta-model provides a generic hierarchical, graph-like base model extended with model element specifications and references.
It also provides the layout information meta-model.


This plugin provides base implementation for graphical editors using the GEF framework.