Import (parts of) Simulink models into autofocus. To install the sources of this plugin you need to generate the simulink parser.

To do this, please run "_build.xml" Run as → Ant build ... → JRE → Run in the same JRE as workspace → Ok.

To import a simulink fille into AF3, right-click on a component and select "Import from Simulink ...."


Below are Simulink features that can be relevant for AF3:

  • array datatypes
  • GoTo
  • Scope

Limitations of the importer

Below are several blocks that are ofently used and that need to be imported automatically:

  • Functions (arithmetical expressions)
  • Switch
Known limitations:
  • Sample time in Simulink can be implicitly defined (e.g. can be inherited from the previous block like in the case of UnitDelay with sample time -1) - the AF3 importer can import only explicitly defined sample times
    • What is Sample Time":
      • "Blocks that do not have a SampleTime parameter have an implicit sample time. You cannot specify implicit sample times. Simulink determines them based upon the context of the block in the system. The Integrator block is an example of a block that has an implicit sample time. Simulink automatically sets its sample time to 0."