Next Release notes (to be updated progressively)


  • Export of the component architecture as a human-readable document contribution of the Fundazione Bruno Kessler (many thanks to Pietro Braghieri!
  • Many GUI improvements:
    • Search function in the data dictionary
    • "Go to type" button for ports of a component architecture
    • "Back/Next" button to ease the navigation
    • faster creation of components by drag'n'drop in an empty space
    • default size of components is bigger
    • various bug fixes (e.g., arrows not shown properly in corner cases)
  • Improved documentation
    • reworked existing tutorial
    • added a new tutorial
    • added explanation of the examples
    • better documentation of the data dictionary



  • re-engineered transformation to NuSMV/NuXMV
    • Still in experimental phase
    • only integer, boolean and enums are supported (arrays and structures are not supported)
    • works only for atomic components (hierarchical components are not supported)
    • only strongly causal components are supported
    • only state automaton is supported as component specification (operator panels, code specification, mode automatons are not supported)

Design Space Exploration

  • Reworked more usable DSE perspective
  • Constraints and Objectives can now be modeled via GUI
  • New visualization: spider graph



Still candidates to removal:
  • requirements graph view
  • pacemaker platform
  • cbmc support
  • fibex