Kernel Introspection System Service (KISS)

The KISS is used to provide a self-describing feature to the kernel services.
It also provides an introspection facility to most of the kernel services.
For example, all registered prototypes of the prototype service can be listed.

Accessing KISS

KISS is integrated into the running instance of the kernel-based tool.
You can access it by using the Quick Access menu.
Hit Ctrl-3 (Linux and Windows) or CMD-3 (MacOS X) and type KISS.
This opens the KISS view in Your current Eclipse perspective.
Double-click the view header to enlarge it to the whole window.

Using KISS

KISS provides You with a list of all kernel services, which can be introspected.
When You select any service the details list to the right is updated and the
service description at the bottom is displayed.

Filter details lists

The list of detailed information can be searched by typing into the search field at the top.
You should always use a search term that begins with a star character to find any related information.

Copy class names with context menu

When one or more columns of the details information list displays a class name,
this string can be copied to Your clipboard using the right-click context menu.
This way You can easily switch back to Your development instance and start a
class lookup with the class name pasted from Your clipboard.

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