Adding a new plugin project

Once you have the fortiss-std-env checked out, you can add your own plugin project using a base template.

  1. Choose File->Import....
  2. Select General->Existing Projects into Workspace and hit Next.
  3. Choose Select archive file:, hit the Browse... button and select the or file in the fortiss-std-env/base-project folder.
  4. Hit Finish.

You now have the base project in your workspace. There is a README file in the root folder of this project, which describes the next steps of customizing this base project into your desired plugin project.

Publishing the plugin to Subversion server

  1. Add the root folder for the plugin to the repository root and 'svn add' them.
  2. Update the svnaccess file in the root folder (usually you can copy a plugin rule in the standard section of this file).
  3. 'svn commit' the folders and the svnaccess file.
  4. The developer can now proceed with the publishing instructions as given in the README file.

Updating the continuous and nightly builds

  1. TODO (See #2176)

Update Oomph installation script

  1. Goto Oomph installation instructions
  2. Download current af3.setup script
  3. Add the new plugin to the af3.setup script
    • Add repository URL to setupTask with label Creates the project set file for the AF3 project set. (around line 187)
      • Pattern:
<project reference="0.9.3,,org.fortiss.af3.myplugin"/>
      • Keep list sorted lexicographically
    • Add plugin to matching workingSet (around line 211)
      • Pattern:
      • Keep list sorted lexicographically
  4. Upload the modified af3.setup script
  5. TODO HOWTO: Delete the previous af3.setup script (or how to update it directly)
  6. Update the timestamp to the link to af3.setup (see second bullet item of Oomph installation instructions > Installation Procedure)