AF3 Demonstrator

Selected use case:


  • more realistic than a traffic light
  • allows to play with sensors on the final demonstrator
  • not starting from scratch
  • could remake use of the 3D model of Bernhard
AF3 Features covered:
  • The classics:
  • Requirements
  • Component Architecture
  • Technical Architecture
  • Deployment
  • Refinement
  • Code Generation
  • Simulation
  • Verification
  • Scheduling Synthesis
  • Driver for less classic features:
  • Safety cases
  • Real-time co-simulation (to simulate the model directly in connection to the sensors)
Hardware Material needed: Alternative Platform: Arduino
  • Rasberry Pi is not an embedded controller but a desktop replacement (you can even install win10 on it)
  • Arduinos have limited resources which maybe would make some interesting DSE use-cases
  • There are not many IDEs for Arduino (so far you need to code in C manually) => AF3 as first graphical IDE
  • They are much cheaper
  • Has analog and digital I/Os (rasberry only digital)
Tutorial Material needed:
  • based on coherent existing models (e.g. Req.+Log.+Tec.+ ...) provide a tutorial-like working material for learning/education purposes
  • take the current model and make a gap analysis (can be done without having the platform yet)
  • define more precisely the technical architecture
  • gap analysis to see what needs to be done for the platform (can we use code generation just like that or do we need adaptations?)

Deadline for a first iteration of the demonstrator: End of March