Webpage update HowTo

Downloads page

  1. On Jenkins, build af3-phoenix-product-release
  2. Download the 6 "Latest Successful Artifacts"
  3. Copy them on
  4. Update the webpage on the SVN to refer to these artifacts
  5. Contact the IT to update the webpage

Release Notes: detailed list of issues

To insert the detailed list of issues in the release notes:
  1. Display the relevent issues in Redmine (using the various filtering options of Redmine)
  2. Down the page, to the right, there's a field "Also available in:": click on "CSV"
  3. Select "only the selected columns" and export to CSV
  4. Import the CSV file in LibreOffice or any other Office suite of your choice
  5. Delete the columns you don't want, format the alignment how you want, etc. (do not care about the colors or fonts)
  6. Export to HTML
  7. Open the HTML file in a text editor
  8. Copy/paste the <table>...</table> content into the HTML file of the release notes