Next Release notes (to be updated progressively)


  • GUI + usability improvements:
  • Zoom is now available in simulation mode
  • Various text fields are now made multiline (guards and actions of state automata, patterns)
  • Arrow keys now work in the diagram editor: you can move elements or scroll the diagram
  • Auto-completion has been added in various places
  • Improved behaviour of copy-pasting
  • Clean up of the model elements palette
  • Simulation now displays a step counter
  • Column indicating the type in the data dictionary to allow to look up a type with less clicks
  • The placement of connections between states/components has been improved
  • PikeOS Support for the Platform Architecture (experimental):
  • Resource Partitioning of cores
  • Inter & intra core communication
  • Supports constraints from DSE Perspective
  • Generation of configuration files for PikeOS
  • Code Generation for PikeOS


  • Graph View: visualize and navigate glossary terms, requirement sources, requirements and components
  • New requirements type Interface Behavior Requirements
  • New check: Do interface behavior requirements and use cases connected to component architecture?
  • Performance improvements of editors


  • New cosimulation feature allowing AF3 to interact with other tools during a simulation

Design Space Exploration

  • Integration of a new DSE Perspective (experimental)
  • Modeling of DSE Constraints: Safety (Compuation Resources & Communication), Timing, Location, Resource (memory), Energy, Cost, Partitioning
  • Calculation of Schedules, Mappings (Deployments), Platform Architectures
  • Different visualizations: 4D graph for DSE results, graph for mappings, table for mappings and schedules, gant chart for schedules
  • History function which saves all generated results and enables selection of a suitable DSE solutions