Phoenix 26 Gap Analysis

- Eclipse 4.3
- Weak in "Model-Based Development": connection to C?
-- if we claim that AF3 is a MBD tool, then it must be possible to develop systems (and not only small parts of them)
- Search (using the API of Eclipse 4)
- Refactoring
- better language engineering functionality - extending the compositors to canBeChildOf(aModelElement) and canBeParentOf(modelElement) -- like in MPS
- GUI: most text editors (guards, actions, ..) are one-line (guards, actions are saved as ITerm)
- Better integration of tables: GUI improvement (1947), better documentation (1922), promote using them
- support regression testing
- support more types of coverages, MC/DC?
- support for continuous integration of AF3 models (similarly to AF3 source code)
-- support for highly formal analyses
- further discussion: using EMF Client Platform(ECP)?

Phoenix 2.6 Efforts (Development):

- Sergej:
- Vincent:
- Sabine:
- Andreas:
- Moudy:
- Antoaneta:
- Sebastian:
- Georgeta:
- Johannes: