Phoenix 2.2 Scratch Paper

Key Dates

13.7. RC1 - Feature Freeze
20.7. RC2 - UI Freeze
27.7. RC3 - Review Period
3.8. Release


FloH (72h)
Basti (36h)
Dan (50h)
Klaus (16h)
Steffi (24h)
David (20h)
Moudy (48h)
Chris (60h)
Sabine (10h)
Andi (18h)
Barni (??)
Anton (50)

Last Release Notes of 2.1

  • Modeling techniques
    - Glossary
    - Formal Specification for Requirements
    - Message Sequence Charts
    - Temporal Logics based Specifications of Components
    - Tabular View for State Automata
  • Analyses techniques
    - Scheduling Generation
    - Test Cases Generator
    - Refinement Testing
    - Improved C Generator
    - Improved Model Checking Support

Current Release Notes for 2.2

  • Modeling Techniques
    - Code Specification Syntax Highlighting
    - Improved Operator Panels (joystick-like input item, oscilloscope-like output item, 3D Viewer)
    - Improved Deployment Editor
    - Nios II Multi-Core Platform Modeling
  • Analysis Techniques
    - Assume/Guarantee Specifications and Analyses
  • Requirements Engineering
    - Overview over all requirements
    - New requirements features (change requirement type, document generation)
    - Improved requirements features (improved use case, formal specification)
  • Scheduling Synthesis
    - Task and Message Schedule Generation
    - Visualization of all task precedence relations
    - Schedule Generation for distributed systems communication over a shared communication bus
    - Schedule Generation for multi-core systems using a shared-memory architecture
  • Known Issues
    - Mountain Lion OS X cannot run launcher. Use Terminal and ./ instead
    - Pictures can not be added to the glossary. Solved in newer nightly build versions.