ECBS'13 Tutorial

  • Deep integration of models
    • Process Phase Dimension: requirements, application, platform, deployment
    • Specification: test cases, contracts, MSC, tables, refinement models
  • Model based requirements engineering
    • glossary, different requirements types, stepwise transition between text -> structured text -> formal models
    • tracing between reqs and to the architecture
    • integration of the glossary
    • QA support according to the formalization of reqs
    • verification and validation of reqs and their implementation in the application (LA)
  • Advanced design space exploration
    • efficient scheduling
    • efficient deployment
    • SIL-aware deployment
  • Usable formal analyses
    • Out of the box analyses: nondeterminism, integer out of bounds checks, states reachibility
    • Custom defined analyses: A/G, MSC feasibility, Model-Checking patterns
    • Cool techniques: composition verification, agile formal analyses, usable analyses