Feature #3650

Updated by Simon Barner about 1 year ago

h2. Current status

The WCET table requires the existence of a Task->ExecutionUnit allocation table. Probably, there exists also the requirement that such a table must also reference the TaskArchitecture in question.

For allocations of the type Task->Partition->ExecutionUnit, such a table is not present in the exported artifacts of a DSE solution supporting Partition exploration. Here the Task->ExecutionUnit allocation table is deleted such that a valid AllocationTableCollection is obtained.

h2. Potential solutions

# Export two AllocationTableCollections: One with the Task->ExecutionUnit pointing to the exported TaskArchitecture, and a second one containing the actual allocations.
# Adjust the WCET editor such that Task->Partition->ExecutionUnit allocations are supported.
# WCET definition by the TimingSpecification (?)

NOTE: This ticket might be resolved in the scope of #3482. 3842.