Change Request #3300

Updated by Saad bin Abid over 2 years ago

There are some constraints that might go out, other are too similar (requirements have exactly or more than one aspect)

We should have some "rules" to follow for the names.

For example I would remove the "!!!' from some of them at the end

- Remove/Deprecate the following constraints
1. Requirements Description should not have "And/Or"
2. All requirements should have a glossary terms completely defined
3. All requirements have a test-suite

Remove one of the duplicated constraints

- All non-functional Aspects have a related functional aspect and all non-functional requirement have one functional aspect defined

Further minor issues with respect to improving the constraints are as follows,

- Update/improve the
- Get rid of print commands from the constraints where ever they are present..
- Update and adjust parameter type setting issue. At present as soon as the user adds the parameter aspect to a requirement and the constraint "All requirements with parameters have a type" is active it is calculated to be false. which should not be the case.