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[safety-maintenance] Manual maintenance annotations and reference of System Model Elements

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The user may manually annotate any GSN node as \textit{to be maintained} by right-clicking on the node and selecting the corresponding button within the displayed context menu. After pressing such a button a dialog opens , where the user has to select the type of impact, i.e., challenged, potentially impacted or actually impacted. Furthermore, in the same dialog, the user may optionally input information regarding the change impacting the node, namely he or she can reference the changed artefact (either AF3 native model elements or external files) or assurance case node and select the change type from a list of predefined types of changes, list created during the preparation of the assurance case for maintenance (see the previous paragraph). When the desired change is not within the list, the user may also write the type of change in the Define Change Type text field. In the model, the change impacting the node is added to the list of current changes affecting the respective node. After the user deals with the impact of certain changes on a node, he or she may press the Change Impact Solved button of the node's context menu. Pressing this button will open a dialog where the user can select the changes whose impact has been solved and delete them . The node's to be maintained attribute will be set to false only when the impact of all changes has been dealt with.

Furthermore, each change has its own property section, where the maintenance status, type and references of a change can be seen. When clicking the "Show Potential Change Impact" button, the user can see the what impact a challenged GSN node can have on other nodes. The propagated impact on other nodes has to be manually solved by the user.
Setting a GSN node as impacted saving the project creates this warning on missing IDs (example below is for a challenged node):
Missing ID added to element "org.fortiss.af3.safetycases.model.impl.ChangeImpl@5e8f0c54 (id: 0, name: change, comment: ) (personalizedTypeOfChange: null, predefinedTypeOfChange: Add, maintainanceCause: Challenged)".
The user can also make a reference to a System Model Element and then select the element from the reference list he wants to go to.

There are also some small fix-ups:

  • "Select System Model ..." ---> "Show System Model References"
  • "Set to Impacted" ---> "Set under Maintenance"
  • "Remove Impact" ---> "Set to Up-to-Date" (change icon, too)
  • If a GSN element is impacted by an elemen, but the user doesn't reference it, then offer the possibilty to add it to referenced elements.
  • The colors for impact do not work for away elements (also, if an away element is impacted, then also the element with which is connected shall be annotated as impacted)
  • The change impact analysis does not work for away elements (also, if an away element is impacted, then also the element with which is connected shall be annotated as impacted)
Features implemented from another branch (3732):
  • Show in the Properties view the state of the selected GSN node. Example:
  • For ArgumentElement it should be shown if it is instantiated or not/challenged or not
  • For DecomposableSpinalElement it should be shown if it is undeveloped or not
  • For Goal/Solution/Context it should be shown if it is private or not
  • --> Implement as check button, right after the ArgumentElement property section


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Please close. This is a combined issue for fixes related to the praktikum: #3873, #3777, #3732.

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