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Allow selecting multiple tasks in the AllocationPattern

Added by Alexander Diewald almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Currently, the allocation Pattern editor is only able to define a single task to multiple ECUs (OR relation). The construction code of the corresponding constraint is already able to handle multiple tasks (Set) where the task set is the first expression in the form of a ForAll statement.

Proposed change.

Allow the user to select multiple tasks, since the backend code is ready and the expression is sound in terms of the DSML. Also, the UX is improved since task groups may be defined that have the same limitations w.r.t. their mapping targets.

ACCv3-hier3.af3_23 (666 KB) ACCv3-hier3.af3_23 Alexander Diewald, 11/13/2018 04:50 PM


#1 Updated by Alexander Diewald almost 2 years ago

#2 Updated by Alexander Diewald almost 2 years ago

MRs in AF3 and kernel: To test:
  1. Import the exploration-alg plugin from our gitlab.
  2. Switch to the branch "EvalAnnotation".
  3. Import the attached model in AF3.
  4. Go to the DSE perspective.
  5. Open the Project "ACC_hier*".
  6. Go to the Deployment Synthesis.
  7. Select "MOEA" as backend (bottom-right).
  8. Click generate and observe the warning.
  9. The Exception afterwards is expected with the simple example.

#3 Updated by Alexander Diewald almost 2 years ago

The previously linked MRs are wrong and belong to #3574.

The correct MR is Please note that this branch has the (wrong) name "3475-reworked", since the issues numbers were mixed in the commits. The af3 commit from #3574 was merged from the wrongly named branch "3475"

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