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Problem description.

The standard Eclipse application has a single entry in the file menu for importing or exporting projects and fragments using a wizard. This wizard is populated by implementing an extension point. The wizard approach has the advantage that the main menu bar remains compact while the wizard can host a lot of import options.
In AF3, there exists no such wizard and using the Eclipse mechanism is no option since it is SWT based. To implement importers, an additional entry in the "File" menu has to be implemented that allows to select the files for the import. If there shall be multiple import formats, the menu could become cluttered soon.

Implementation aspects.

  • Since new GUI elements should be programmed in JFX, one can use "ControlsFX" which provides a set of useful JFX controls and includes a generic wizard. See . ControlsFX is licensed with a 3-clause BSD license.
  • The available importers must be managed by a kernel service.

Results from the AF3 JF discussion.

  • An im-/export wizard would probably only be relevant for imports since exports are (mainly) context-sensitive (e.g., bound to a ComponentArchitecture).
  • Since APP4MC (AMALTHEA) is the only import format for now, the need for such a wizard is not yet given: We are currently not at the risk to produce a "cluttered" menu bar. This ticket is a tracing ticket in case this situation changes.


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