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Add timestamp to RCP "about" dialog

Added by Alexander Diewald over 2 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Current status.

The nightly build configuration in jenkins generates a timestamp as a file and packs it into the shipped zip file. Due to the rework of the jenkins jobs, this feature is currently lost, but could be added again (see below).

Proposed change.

Instead of writing the timestamp to a file, it could be integrated in the "About" dialog of the RCP. This would require a change in the jenkins script (in general, all builds should own a timestamp) and probably also in the RCP plugin.
The jenkins part has already been implemented for the AF3-DREAMS product: --> Execute shell; Patch plugins

A related problem is the installation of a p2 update site (see below).

Related issues

Related to Feature #3288: Update feature in AF3New02/26/2018


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@Alex: Is this still relevant? Also considering the new build process in gitlab.

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Please reject this issue. We don't have any use for it as of now.

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