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[safety-maintenance] Safety Case Maintenance

Added by Carmen Carlan about 3 years ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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Providing capabilities for change impact analysis.

Supporting a change-driven workflow in the sense that changes (e.g. of assets) should trigger re-evaluation and re-execution of impacted goals and solutions, respectively.

(from SALSA project)


Feature #3010: [safety] Dealing with a changed GSN elementRejected

Feature #3295: [safety] Constraint on GSN nodes Rejected

Feature #3296: [safety] Implementation of ShowActualChangeImpactActionClosed

Feature #3297: [safety] Implement ShowPotentialChangeImpactAction for GoalClosed

Feature #3298: [safety] Enable maintainabiliy annotations from GUIClosed

Feature #3299: [safety] Implement ShowPotentialChangeImpactAction: interrelation of the rulesClosed

Feature #3311: [safety] Get rid off change affect combo viewer at the end Closed

Bug #3312: [safety] Is Challenged Item in Context Menu for any Argument Element, except for ModulesClosed

Feature #3314: [safety] Modify maintainable as in the paperClosed

Feature #3457: [safety] Reverse potentially impactedClosed

Feature #3500: [safety-maintenance] Check button for viewing challenge impact traces Rejected

Feature #3744: [safety-maintenance] Automatic challenge detection (change in GSN)In ProgressLiana Soima

Feature #3745: [safety-maintenance] Automatically set GSN node as challenged (change in referenced AF3 model)In ProgressLiana Soima

Feature #3781: [safety-maintenance] Maintenance reportingNewCarmen Carlan

Feature #3782: [safety-maintenance] Preparing for maintenanceRejected

Feature #3783: [safety-maintenance] Manual maintenance annotationsClosed

Feature #3732: [safety] Show states of GSN nodesClosed

Feature #3986: [safety-maintenance] Manual maintenance annotations and reference of System Model ElementsClosed


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