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Port setting propagation should not change target/source port names

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Currently, this breaks code specifications and creates wrong unsuitable port names


#1 Updated by Anonymous almost 4 years ago

Mmmh, I understand the problem but not with the solution: changing the name is precisely the purpose of propagation.

Maybe we could make an additional dialog, which pops up and asks "Do you want to also change the name of the ports inside the code specification/automaton/etc.?".

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#3 Updated by Anonymous almost 4 years ago

I would avoid bringing up additional modal dialogues at any cost.

It is a matter of point of view.

- If a model is viewed as "system composed of components", then you are right as it is about a specific information fragment being processed in the system.
- If a model is seen as "components hooked together to form a system", then it is more about components and their interfaces. Here, propagating a port name is suboptimal.

So I can just provide an opinion/suggestion. There might not be a perfect solution.

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