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Remove the WcetWctt annotation (and related classes) from the timing MM

Added by Alexander Diewald over 5 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Current status

In the timing-plugin, there exists the deprecated WcetWctt annotation and its successor the Wcet annotation that is bound to deployment parameters instead of Components. Since the beginning of march '15, a migrator is registered, and its valueprovider is not registered any more. The WcetWcctStaticImpl is also marked as deprecated as of now.

Proposed Change

The WcetWctt annotation should be removed from the timing MM and its valueprovider and static impl class should be removed to keep the models clean.


#1 Updated by Simon Barner almost 5 years ago

  • Assignee changed from Alexander Diewald to Simon Barner
- Remove from org.fortiss.af3.timing
  - model/timing.ecore
    - ComponentInstruction
    - TimingRequirementsPeriod
    - WcetWcett
  - Value providers
  - Most importantly, this allows to remove the dependency from af3.timing to af3.deployment

- Remove the following outdated migrators (that have been shipped with 2.8 and (some even for 2.7?))
  that directly or indirectly depended on the above types
 - org.fortiss.af3.timing.migration.WcetDeploymentParameterMigrator
 - org.fortiss.af3.scheduling.migration.MemorySpecToAnnotationMigration
 - org.fortiss.af3.scheduling.migration.ResourceTableToAnnotationMigrationProvider
 - org.fortiss.af3.exploration.alg.migration.RemoveTimingRequirementPeriodMigrationProvider
 - eu.dreamsproject.platform.migration.EnergyParameterMigrator

- org.fortiss.af3.deployment
 - Move registration of Wcet annotation for org.fortiss.af3.deployment.model.DeploymentParameterValue here. Adds dependency to af3.timing

- org.fortiss.af3.scheduling.utils.SpecificationsUtils
 - Remove unused utility methods
 - Remove utility methods that have effectively been a NOP since the underlying annotations have been a NOP.
   Instead of keeping the methods, modify the (few) callers that already worked around the issue by using default values (most notably org.fortiss.af3.scheduling.modeltransformation.DAGExtractionWithoutDeployment
   and org.fortiss.af3.efficientdeployment.ui.wizard.{deployment.DeploymentGenerationWizardPage3Backend, scheduling.ScheduleGenerationWizardPageParametersOverviewBackend}:
    - Directly use the default value
    - Remove NOP call to deprecated method
    - Add TODO

#2 Updated by Simon Barner almost 5 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

#3 Updated by Simon Barner almost 3 years ago

  • Assignee deleted (Simon Barner)

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